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class %Library.COSCallout extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Transform COS source code to a parse tree

Internal ISC code, not for customer use - these interfaces may change without warning

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property BinDir as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);

The directory for CacheObjectScript.DLL.

Defaults to the CacheSys/Bin directory - change it if you want to debug a different version of the DLL.

Property methods: BinDirDisplayToLogical(), BinDirGet(), BinDirIsValid(), BinDirLogicalToDisplay(), BinDirLogicalToOdbc(), BinDirNormalize(), BinDirSet()
property DLLCallMode as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 3 ];

How we call the DLL

Takes one of the following values :-

1 - use $ZF(-3) ... handy for debugging the DLL because it doesn't stay loaded

2 - use $ZF(-4)/$ZF(-5) ... to cache the DLL handle

3 - use $ZF(-4)/$ZF(-6) ... the default - there's normally no reason to change it

Initialised to 3

Property methods: DLLCallModeDisplayToLogical(), DLLCallModeGet(), DLLCallModeIsValid(), DLLCallModeLogicalToDisplay(), DLLCallModeNormalize(), DLLCallModeSet()
property DLLHandle as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];

The cached DLLHandle (used only when DLLCallMode=2)

Property methods: DLLHandleDisplayToLogical(), DLLHandleGet(), DLLHandleIsValid(), DLLHandleLogicalToDisplay(), DLLHandleNormalize(), DLLHandleSet()
property DLLResultCode as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);

Set to a result code string

Mainly of use to Intersystems support.

Property methods: DLLResultCodeDisplayToLogical(), DLLResultCodeGet(), DLLResultCodeIsValid(), DLLResultCodeLogicalToDisplay(), DLLResultCodeLogicalToOdbc(), DLLResultCodeNormalize(), DLLResultCodeSet()


method %OnClose() as %Status
Inherited description: This callback method is invoked by the %Close() method to provide notification that the current object is being closed.

The return value of this method is ignored.

method Compile(SourceStream As %CacheString, ErrorsStream As %CacheString, ByRef ColoringErrors As %Boolean) as %Boolean

Convert the given COS source code to a parse tree

  • SourceStream is a stream containing the source code

  • ErrorsStream is a stream to which any error messages are written

The return value is 1 on success, 0 on failure

If 0 is returned the caller should see the DLLResultCode property for information about failure.

CacheObjectScript.DLL must be in the directory given by the BinDir property. By default this points to the CacheSys/Bin directory.

In the example below SourceIn and ErrorsOut are streams. SourceIn supplies the source code and ErrorsOut receives any error messages.

  Set TT=##class(%Library.COSCallout).%New()
  Set Ret=TT.Compile(SourceIn,ErrorsOut)
  If 'Ret Write "Fatal error: ",TT.DLLResultCode,! ZTrap
  Do Errors.Rewind()
  If 'Errors.AtEnd {
    //... show Errors
  Else {
    //... use tree
classmethod PathToDLL() as %String

Return the path to the DLL

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