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persistent class %Library.StorageSQLDefinition extends %Library.AbstractDefinition

SQL Table Name: %Library.StorageSQLDefinition

Contains SQL storage information for a storage definition for a class within the Caché Dictionary.

Property Inventory


property ClassName as %CacheString;
Property methods: ClassNameGet(), ClassNameIsValid(), ClassNameSet()
property IdExpression as %CacheString;
Property methods: IdExpressionGet(), IdExpressionIsValid(), IdExpressionSet()
property Maps as %ListOfPersistentChildObjects (CLASSNAME = 1);
Property methods: MapsGet(), MapsGetObject(), MapsGetObjectId(), MapsGetSwizzled(), MapsIsValid(), MapsNewObject(), MapsSet(), MapsSetObject(), MapsSetObjectId(), MapsUnSwizzle()
property RowIdName as %CacheString;
Property methods: RowIdNameGet(), RowIdNameIsValid(), RowIdNameSet()
property StorageName as %CacheString;
Property methods: StorageNameGet(), StorageNameIsValid(), StorageNameSet()
property TableNumber as %CacheString;
Property methods: TableNumberGet(), TableNumberIsValid(), TableNumberSet()


index (IDKEY on ) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Gray indicates storage defined by superclasses.

Storage Model: CacheStorage (%Library.AbstractDefinition)