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datatype class %Library.RowVersion extends %Library.BigInt


The %RowVersion type represents a 64 bit integer value.

This is identical to the %BigInt data type with the exception a property of type %RowVersion has special meaning to the Object and SQL filers.

A property/field of type %RowVersion will increment a namespace-wide counter located at ^rINDEXEXT("rv"), and that incremented value will be stored in the %RowVersion property/field for each INSERT, UPDATE, or %Save that occurs on the class/table. A %RowVersion property/field is typically used to enforce concurrency for the row/object.

Only one property/field per class/table may be defined with type %RowVersion.

A property/field of type %RowVersion may not be a property of the IdKey index.

A property/field of type %RowVersion may not have a value explicitly set by an INSERT or UPDATE statement or %Save call.

The %Library.RowVersion class is Final, and cannot be subclassed.

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