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InterSystems Network Connect Reference Information

This section describes how to configure and manage InterSystems Network Connect, organized by page. Use the links in the Deployments section of the main menu in the Cloud Services Portal to navigate from page to page.

For a high-level overview of setting up Network Connect, see Introducing Network Connect.

For information on common Cloud Services Portal functionality that is not specific to Network Connect, see Cloud Services Portal Reference InformationOpens in a new tab. This document includes material describing the top-level pages in the main menu:


Some of the functionality described in this section may not be available to all users, depending on their role on the development team. For more information, see Tenants PageOpens in a new tab.

Overview Page

On the Overview page for your deployment, you can view the details of your deployment, including:

  • Deployment ID

  • Cloud provider and region

  • ASN (Autonomous System Number)

  • Creation date

  • Service Level Urgency

Configurations Page

The Configurations page lets you set up InterSystems Network Connect, a VPN hub you can use to connect your corporate network and your Health Connect Cloud deployments. First you attach your Health Cloud Connect deployments to the VPN hub. Then you attach one or more VPN connections between your corporate VPN gateway devices and the hub.


If you ever want to delete a Network Connect deployment, you must detach any Health Connect Cloud deployments or VPN connections before proceeding.

You cannot delete a Health Connect Cloud deployment that is attached to Network Connect. You must detach it before proceeding.

Manage Deployment Attachments

The Deployment Attachments section of the Configurations page displays a list of any Health Connect Cloud deployments currently attached to the VPN hub.

To attach additional Health Connect Cloud deployments to the VPN hub:

  1. On the Configurations page, in the Deployment Attachments section, click Attach Deployments.

  2. On the Available Deployment Attachments dialog, select the Health Connect Cloud deployments you want to attach to the VPN hub, and then click Attach.

    Deployments must be within the same AWS account and region.

The deployment is added to the list of active deployment attachments with a status of COMPLETE. This may take a few minutes.

To detach a deployment from the VPN hub, in the Actions column in the row for that deployment, click the Detach VPC icon.

Manage VPN Connections

The VPN Connections section of the Configurations page displays a list of any VPN gateway devices currently attached to the VPN hub.

To attach an additional VPN gateway device to the VPN hub:

  1. On the Configurations page, in the VPN Connections section, click Create VPN.

  2. On the VPN Gateway Device dialog, in the Name field, type a name for this VPN gateway device.

  3. In the Gateway Device IP Address field, type the IP address of your VPN gateway device.

    This can be a public IP address or behind a NAT.

  4. In the BGP ASN field, type a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Autonomous System Number (ASN).

    This ASN must is used for routing purposes and must be unique in the network you are creating. See the on-screen hint for guidance on what range of ASNs to use.

  5. Click Create.

The VPN connection is added to the list of active deployment attachments. Creation of a connection can take a few minutes. When the connection is ready, the State field changes from CREATING to COMPLETE.

Next, you need to complete the setup process on the corporate network side by configuring your gateway device:

  1. On the VPN Connections page, in the Actions column for your VPN connection, click the Download Configuration for this Connection icon.

  2. In the Gateway Device dialog box:

    1. Enter the Vendor, Platform, Software, and Ike Version of your device.

    2. Click Download to download setup instructions specific to your device and the settings you provided.

  3. Follow the instructions in the document you just downloaded to configure the gateway device on the corporate network side.

  4. After you have configured your gateway device, go back to the VPN Connections page and confirm that the Tunnel 1 Status and Tunnel 2 Status of your VPN connection appear with check marks.

    This may take a few minutes. You may also have to click Refresh on the VPN Connections page to see the updated tunnel statuses.

To detach a VPN connection from the VPN hub, in the Actions column in the row for that VPN connection, click the Delete VPN icon.

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