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persistent class %Studio.SourceControl.ItemSet extends %Library.Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

SQL Table Name: %Studio_SourceControl.ItemSet

Class which lists things coming to or from the client as part of the CCR process

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This is the string used for naming the default proxy CSPApplication that is referenced for exporting/importing files
parameter MANAGEDEXTENT = 0;
The MANAGEDEXTENT parameter can be set to 0 (zero) to cause the Extent Manager to ignore this class. If set to 1 then the Extent Manager will register globals used by the class and detect collisions. Unmanaged extents (MANAGEDEXTENT = 0) are not checked. Currently, only classes using default storage (%Storage.Persistent) can be managed. This is required since each Namespace will have it's own Change extent
parameter SrcVer = $Id: //iris/2024.1.0/databases/sys/cls/Studio/SourceControl/ItemSet.xml#1 $;
This Parameter should be updated when synced from Perforce
parameter Version = 165;
Revision number of this class when compiled as part of the //custom_ccrs/_common/config/... branch. This version will not be updated (by design) when the class is integrated to other branches. This allows the user to tell what version of the Studio client tools are in use.


property CCR as %String;
CCR for which this ItemSet was created
Property methods: CCRDisplayToLogical(), CCRGet(), CCRGetStored(), CCRIsValid(), CCRLogicalToDisplay(), CCRLogicalToOdbc(), CCRNormalize(), CCRSet()
property Changelists as %List (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
If ItemSet is generated by CCR, this contains a list of changelist numbers that are included in this ItemSet
Property methods: ChangelistsGet(), ChangelistsGetStored(), ChangelistsIsValid(), ChangelistsLogicalToOdbc(), ChangelistsLogicalToXSD(), ChangelistsOdbcToLogical(), ChangelistsSet(), ChangelistsXSDToLogical()
property ClientResponses as array of %Integer (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
Tracks the deployment of the ItemSet to Primary and Secondary Environments by EID using same values as Deployed (0,1,2,3) Does not need abandoned or stale since these are specific to the whole ItemSet

a value of 0 means that it has not been deployed

a value of 1 means that it has been downloaded but not yet deployed

a value of 2 means that it has been deployed successfully

a value of 3 means that there has been an attempt to deploy but there was an error

Property methods: ClientResponsesBuildValueArray(), ClientResponsesCollectionToDisplay(), ClientResponsesCollectionToOdbc(), ClientResponsesDisplayToCollection(), ClientResponsesDisplayToLogical(), ClientResponsesGet(), ClientResponsesGetObject(), ClientResponsesGetObjectId(), ClientResponsesGetStored(), ClientResponsesGetSwizzled(), ClientResponsesIsValid(), ClientResponsesLogicalToDisplay(), ClientResponsesNormalize(), ClientResponsesOdbcToCollection(), ClientResponsesSet(), ClientResponsesSetObject(), ClientResponsesSetObjectId(), ClientResponsesXSDToLogical()
property Committed as %Integer (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ InitialExpression = "0" ];
Indicates that this ItemSet (created on a Client) has been committed to Perforce by the CCR Server

a value of 0 means that it has not been committed

a value of 1 means that it is currently being committed

a value of 2 means that it has been committed successfully

a value of -1 means that it has been aborted

Property methods: CommittedDisplayToLogical(), CommittedGet(), CommittedGetStored(), CommittedIsValid(), CommittedLogicalToDisplay(), CommittedNormalize(), CommittedSet(), CommittedXSDToLogical()
property CommittedTimestamp as %TimeStamp;
Time the ItemSet was committed to Perforce
Property methods: CommittedTimestampDisplayToLogical(), CommittedTimestampGet(), CommittedTimestampGetStored(), CommittedTimestampIsValid(), CommittedTimestampLogicalToDisplay(), CommittedTimestampLogicalToXSD(), CommittedTimestampNormalize(), CommittedTimestampOdbcToLogical(), CommittedTimestampSet(), CommittedTimestampXSDToLogical()
property CreateTimestamp as %TimeStamp [ InitialExpression = $zdt($H,3) , Required ];
Time the ItemSet was created
Property methods: CreateTimestampDisplayToLogical(), CreateTimestampGet(), CreateTimestampGetStored(), CreateTimestampIsValid(), CreateTimestampLogicalToDisplay(), CreateTimestampLogicalToXSD(), CreateTimestampNormalize(), CreateTimestampOdbcToLogical(), CreateTimestampSet(), CreateTimestampXSDToLogical()
property CreatedBy as %String;
User who created or imported this ItemSet; this should be a CCR Username
Property methods: CreatedByDisplayToLogical(), CreatedByGet(), CreatedByGetStored(), CreatedByIsValid(), CreatedByLogicalToDisplay(), CreatedByLogicalToOdbc(), CreatedByNormalize(), CreatedBySet()
property Deployed as %Integer (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ InitialExpression = "0" ];
Indicates the status of the deployment of this ItemSet

a value of 0 means that it has not been deployed

a value of 1 means that it has been downloaded but not yet deployed

a value of 2 means that it has been deployed successfully

a value of 3 means that there has been an attempt to deploy but there was an error

a value of -1 means that it has been abandoned

Property methods: DeployedDisplayToLogical(), DeployedGet(), DeployedGetStored(), DeployedIsValid(), DeployedLogicalToDisplay(), DeployedNormalize(), DeployedSet(), DeployedXSDToLogical()
property DeployedTimestamp as %TimeStamp;
Time the ItemSet was deployed
Property methods: DeployedTimestampDisplayToLogical(), DeployedTimestampGet(), DeployedTimestampGetStored(), DeployedTimestampIsValid(), DeployedTimestampLogicalToDisplay(), DeployedTimestampLogicalToXSD(), DeployedTimestampNormalize(), DeployedTimestampOdbcToLogical(), DeployedTimestampSet(), DeployedTimestampXSDToLogical()
property Environment as %String (VALUELIST = ",BASE,TEST,UAT,LIVE");
Environment for/from which this ItemSet was created
Property methods: EnvironmentDisplayToLogical(), EnvironmentGet(), EnvironmentGetStored(), EnvironmentIsValid(), EnvironmentLogicalToDisplay(), EnvironmentLogicalToOdbc(), EnvironmentNormalize(), EnvironmentSet()
property ExportTimestamp as %TimeStamp;
Time the ItemSet was exported
Property methods: ExportTimestampDisplayToLogical(), ExportTimestampGet(), ExportTimestampGetStored(), ExportTimestampIsValid(), ExportTimestampLogicalToDisplay(), ExportTimestampLogicalToXSD(), ExportTimestampNormalize(), ExportTimestampOdbcToLogical(), ExportTimestampSet(), ExportTimestampXSDToLogical()
property FileLabel as %String;
Additional identifying Label for the Payload filename
Property methods: FileLabelDisplayToLogical(), FileLabelGet(), FileLabelGetStored(), FileLabelIsValid(), FileLabelLogicalToDisplay(), FileLabelLogicalToOdbc(), FileLabelNormalize(), FileLabelSet()
property ImportTimestamp as %TimeStamp;
Time the ItemSet was imported
Property methods: ImportTimestampDisplayToLogical(), ImportTimestampGet(), ImportTimestampGetStored(), ImportTimestampIsValid(), ImportTimestampLogicalToDisplay(), ImportTimestampLogicalToXSD(), ImportTimestampNormalize(), ImportTimestampOdbcToLogical(), ImportTimestampSet(), ImportTimestampXSDToLogical()
property ItemList as array of %String (COLLATION = "EXACT");
List of Items in this ItemSet, where the key is the item name, and the value is add/edit/delete/failed
Property methods: ItemListBuildValueArray(), ItemListCollectionToDisplay(), ItemListCollectionToOdbc(), ItemListDisplayToCollection(), ItemListDisplayToLogical(), ItemListGet(), ItemListGetObject(), ItemListGetObjectId(), ItemListGetStored(), ItemListGetSwizzled(), ItemListIsValid(), ItemListLogicalToDisplay(), ItemListLogicalToOdbc(), ItemListNormalize(), ItemListOdbcToCollection(), ItemListSet(), ItemListSetObject(), ItemListSetObjectId()
property ItemSetFile as %String (MAXLEN = 200, XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
Location path and filename on local file system where exported XML for this ItemSet is stored
Property methods: ItemSetFileDisplayToLogical(), ItemSetFileGet(), ItemSetFileGetStored(), ItemSetFileIsValid(), ItemSetFileLogicalToDisplay(), ItemSetFileLogicalToOdbc(), ItemSetFileNormalize(), ItemSetFileSet()
property ItemSetFilename as %String [ Calculated ];
name of ItemSet file for this ItemSet
Property methods: ItemSetFilenameCompute(), ItemSetFilenameDisplayToLogical(), ItemSetFilenameGet(), ItemSetFilenameIsValid(), ItemSetFilenameLogicalToDisplay(), ItemSetFilenameLogicalToOdbc(), ItemSetFilenameNormalize(), ItemSetFilenameSQLCompute()
property Job as %String [ Calculated ];
Perforce Job that was exported in this ItemSet; or Job associated with this CCR on this Server
Property methods: JobCompute(), JobDisplayToLogical(), JobGet(), JobIsValid(), JobLogicalToDisplay(), JobLogicalToOdbc(), JobNormalize(), JobSQLCompute()
property Log as %Stream.GlobalCharacter (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
Global stream storing the most recent Log for this system
Property methods: LogDelete(), LogGet(), LogGetObject(), LogGetObjectId(), LogGetStored(), LogGetSwizzled(), LogIsValid(), LogNewObject(), LogOid(), LogOpen(), LogSet(), LogSetObject(), LogSetObjectId(), LogUnSwizzle()
property LogHistory as %Stream.GlobalCharacter (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
Global stream storing the cumulative logs for this ItemSet on this system
Property methods: LogHistoryDelete(), LogHistoryGet(), LogHistoryGetObject(), LogHistoryGetObjectId(), LogHistoryGetStored(), LogHistoryGetSwizzled(), LogHistoryIsValid(), LogHistoryNewObject(), LogHistoryOid(), LogHistoryOpen(), LogHistorySet(), LogHistorySetObject(), LogHistorySetObjectId(), LogHistoryUnSwizzle()
property Name as %String (MAXLEN = 128);
readable name of this ItemSet; used for file names and project name
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameGetStored(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()
property Payload as %FileCharacterStream (TRANSLATETABLE = "RAW");
Object forthe payload file for this ItemSet
Property methods: PayloadDelete(), PayloadGet(), PayloadGetObject(), PayloadGetObjectId(), PayloadGetStored(), PayloadGetSwizzled(), PayloadIsValid(), PayloadNewObject(), PayloadOid(), PayloadOpen(), PayloadSet(), PayloadSetObject(), PayloadSetObjectId(), PayloadUnSwizzle()
property PayloadFile as %String (MAXLEN = 200, XMLPROJECTION = "NONE");
Location on local file system where Payload for this ItemSet is stored
Property methods: PayloadFileDisplayToLogical(), PayloadFileGet(), PayloadFileGetStored(), PayloadFileIsValid(), PayloadFileLogicalToDisplay(), PayloadFileLogicalToOdbc(), PayloadFileNormalize(), PayloadFileSet()
property PayloadFilename as %String [ Calculated ];
name of Payload for this ItemSet
Property methods: PayloadFilenameCompute(), PayloadFilenameDisplayToLogical(), PayloadFilenameGet(), PayloadFilenameIsValid(), PayloadFilenameLogicalToDisplay(), PayloadFilenameLogicalToOdbc(), PayloadFilenameNormalize(), PayloadFilenameSQLCompute()
property ServerItemSetID as %Integer (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ Calculated ];
Transient property to store the server-side ID for this ItemSet
Property methods: ServerItemSetIDCompute(), ServerItemSetIDDisplayToLogical(), ServerItemSetIDIsValid(), ServerItemSetIDLogicalToDisplay(), ServerItemSetIDNormalize(), ServerItemSetIDSQLCompute(), ServerItemSetIDXSDToLogical()
property SessionToken as %String (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ Calculated ];
Transient property to store the session token to pull this ItemSet from the Server
Property methods: SessionTokenDisplayToLogical(), SessionTokenIsValid(), SessionTokenLogicalToDisplay(), SessionTokenLogicalToOdbc(), SessionTokenNormalize()
property SiteCode as %String (XMLPROJECTION = "NONE") [ Calculated ];
Site Code for which this ItemSet was created
Property methods: SiteCodeCompute(), SiteCodeDisplayToLogical(), SiteCodeGet(), SiteCodeIsValid(), SiteCodeLogicalToDisplay(), SiteCodeLogicalToOdbc(), SiteCodeNormalize(), SiteCodeSQLCompute()
property Source as %String (MAXLEN = 100) [ InitialExpression = $get(^SYS("SourceControl","ItemSetConfig","Source"),$zu(54,0)) ];
Name of the server where this ItemSet was created
Property methods: SourceDisplayToLogical(), SourceGet(), SourceGetStored(), SourceIsValid(), SourceLogicalToDisplay(), SourceLogicalToOdbc(), SourceNormalize(), SourceSet()
property System as %String;
System for which this CCR was created
Property methods: SystemDisplayToLogical(), SystemGet(), SystemGetStored(), SystemIsValid(), SystemLogicalToDisplay(), SystemLogicalToOdbc(), SystemNormalize(), SystemSet()
property Target as %String (VALUELIST = ",Server,Client") [ Required ];
generic intended destination for this ItemSet
Property methods: TargetDisplayToLogical(), TargetGet(), TargetGetStored(), TargetIsValid(), TargetLogicalToDisplay(), TargetLogicalToOdbc(), TargetNormalize(), TargetSet()


classmethod Bundle(pInteractive As %Boolean = 1, pIncludeAllUncommitted As %Boolean = 0, pCCR="", pCreatedBy, pPerformUpload=1, pEmailRecipient="") as %Status
Wrapper method for bundling pending changes, and added them to an ItemSet which can be uploaded to CCR for check-in Can be either interactive or scripted
classmethod ChangeWritableState(pList="", pReadOnly As %Boolean = 0, ByRef pLog As %Stream.Object = "") as %Status
method takes a file name, or an array of filenames, and changes the pReadonly state to the pReadOnly value
classmethod CheckWritableState(pList="", ByRef pReadOnly, ByRef pReadWrite, ByRef pAbsent, ByRef pLog As %Stream.Object = "") as %Status
Given a list of files on the OS, returns a list of those that are Readonly, and a list of those that are writable
method Create(pItems="", pJob="", pCreatedBy="", pLabel="", pTarget="Server", pCCR="", pEnv="") as %Status
Method to create a ItemSet and Payload file which can be passed to another system for import pItems is an array subscripted by the item name (full file name on file system), with a value of add/edit/delete
classmethod DisplayLog(pID) as %Status
Displays the LogHistory of an ItemSet
classmethod Download(pLoad As %Boolean = 1)
Wrapper method for interactively downloading list of ItemSets from server via Web Service, and then selecting and saving one to disk
classmethod Export(pID="", ByRef pItemSetFile) as %Status
Export the ItemSet to the file system
method ExportToFile(ByRef pItemSetFile) as %Status
Export the ItemSet to the file system
classmethod FindReplaceInFile(pFind, pReplace, pFile, pExtensionRename="", pLog As %Stream.Object = "") as %Status
as cspapplication paths must be unique, if multiple namespaces on this instance need to send/receive ItemSets, then we may be using a secondary cspApp naming convention which is '/..#CSPAppLink/' When this is the case, this method exchanges the values in an XML file on disk to or from the standard (/..#CSPAppLink/) or local csp application name.
classmethod GetPathTranslation(ByRef pRoot, ByRef pPath) as %Status
the Utility CSPApplication, called '/itemsetsourcelink*' acts as a mechanism to 'tar' and 'untar' ItemSets for transport to/from Server/Client this makes sure that the CSP Application is defined for this namespace, and finds where it points on the file system
classmethod HasInstancePrimaryNamespace(Output namespace As %String) as %Boolean
check for and return Instance Wide Primary Namespace if it is definted and exists
classmethod IRISLIBReadOnly(mode="") as %Boolean
Utility method to change mount setting for IRISLIB; passing no mode argument will return the current status
classmethod Import(pItemSetFile, ByRef pObj As %Studio.SourceControl.ItemSet = "", pServerISID As %String, pToken As %String) as %Status
Import a ItemSet from the file system
classmethod InstanceVersion() as %Numeric
Returns value the Major.Minor version for this instance, so it can be used in comparison code which makes sure certain features are used in appropriate versions
classmethod IsValidOSProcessName(ByRef pCurrentProcess, ByRef pSServer) as %Boolean
Utility method to check the OS username of the current process make sure for UNIX it matches the username that the Super Server is running as
classmethod Load(pInteractive As %Boolean = 1, pItemSetFile="", pLoadToOS As %Boolean = "", pOverwrite As %Boolean = 0, pLoadToNS As %Boolean = "", pCompile As %Boolean = "", pQspec={$get(^SYS("SourceControl", "Misc", "ImportFlags"), "kvfbryu")}, pP4user, pP4pass, ByRef pNewID As %String, pServerISID="", pToken="") as %Status
Wrapper method for importing, loading to file system (OS), loading to namespace and compiling ItemSet into this namespace Can be either interactive or scripted
classmethod LoadPayload(pPayloadFile, pQspec="", ByRef pErrorlog, ByRef pLoadedlist, pListOnly=0, ByRef pToLoad="") as %Status
Method to load an unpacked itemset. This handles IRIS to Cache conversion
method LoadToNS(pQspec As %String = {$get(^SYS("SourceControl", "Misc", "ImportFlags"), "kvfbryu")}, pLoadedlist, pListonly As %Boolean = 0, pCompileProject As %Boolean = 0, ByRef pIncPercent As %String, ByRef pProjectName As %String) as %Status
Loads the files from the file system into the namespace; creates a project and (optionally) compiles the project

When pCompileProject=1, the project will be compiled after load is complete

When pCompileProject=2, the project will only be compiled after load if the ItemSet does not contain this class in it's payload (i.e. pIncPercent'=2)

method LoadToOS(pQspec As %String = {$get(^SYS("SourceControl", "Misc", "ImportFlags"), "kvfbryu")}, ByRef pErrorlog As %String, ByRef pLoadedlist As %String, ByRef pReadWrite As %String, pListonly As %Boolean = 0, pOverwrite As %Boolean = 0, pP4user="", pP4pass="") as %Status
Load the items in this ItemSet into the local file system If the file already exists and is ReadOnly, then it will be changed to ReadWrite, loaded to the OS, and then marked as ReadOnly again If the file exists and is ReadWrite, it will not be overwritten by the ItemSet load, unless pOverwrite is set to true
classmethod LogTags() as %String
holder method for output redirect tags; returns the name of the compiled routine where these tags exist [Previously private]
method LogToggle(ByRef pIO="")
Logging instance method for this object; redirects IO to ..Log, and then saves it to ..LogHistory and saves the object when logging is turned off
classmethod LogToggleCore(ByRef pIO="", ByRef pLog As %Stream.Object)
Logging class method; redirects IO to either a %Stream.GlobalCharacter or a %Stream.FileCharacter
classmethod NameCVT(ByRef pNameList="", pValidate As %Boolean = 0, pDropLeadingSlash As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
takes an item name (or an array of names), and converts it from the file system representation to the csp application representation, or vice versa if pName includes a Perforce version identifier (e.g. <file>#<ver> ignore the version when validating the file's existence

When pValidate is '1', the method will confirm that the file exists.

method P4Revert(SCs="", changelist="", perforceBranch="", pP4user, pP4pass) as %Status
method P4SubmitItemSet(pQspec As %String = "kvfbryu", ByRef pErrorlog As %String, ByRef pLoadedlist As %String, pP4user As %String = "", pP4pass As %String = "") as %Status
Logic used on the server to submit contents of a ChangeList to Perforce
classmethod ServerItemSetCount(pCCR) as %Integer
Returns the count of ItemSets destined for the Server
method ServerItemSetIDGet() as %String
method ServerItemSetIDSet(val) as %Status
method SessionTokenGet() as %String
method SessionTokenSet(val) as %Status
classmethod SetUpProxyUnauth(ByRef ws As %SOAP.WebClient)
Proxy configuration for un-authenticated proxy connection
classmethod Upload(pInteractive As %Boolean = 1, pCCR, pToken, pItemSetFile, pEmailRecipient="") as %Status
Wrapper method for Uploading uncommitted changes to CCR for check-in Can be either interactive or scripted
classmethod ValidateCCR(siteCode As %String, sysCode As %String, state As %String, Output reasonString) as %Boolean
Method to validate a CCR for Upload given a CCR ID and Token
classmethod VersionPostfix() as %String
Version string used to append to environment name when transmitting data to the CCR Server web services. Uses '@' as postfix piece separator and avoids use of ":" which can be used to indicate a secondary postfix of EnvID
classmethod WSCanUpload(pCCR As %String, pOrg As %String, pSystem As %String, ByRef pReasonString As %String = "") as %Status
classmethod WSConfirmLoad(pISID As %String = "", pJob As %String = "", pEnv As %String = "", pToken As %String = "", pLoadStatus As %Status = "", ByRef pLog As %GlobalCharacterStream) as %Status
Wrapper that calls ConfirmLoad WebService to send back the results of an ItemSetLoad
classmethod WSDetails(pCCR As %String, pToken As %String, Output pDataSet As %XML.DataSet) as %Status
classmethod WSDownload(pJob As %String = "", pEnv As %String = "", pToken As %String = "", pDir As %String = "", pISID As %String = "", ByRef pFilename As %String) as %Status
Wrapper that calls Download WebService to download an ItemSet XML for a given ID to the local filesystem
classmethod WSList(pJob As %String = "", pEnv As %String = "", pToken As %String = "", ByRef pRS As %XML.DataSet) as %Status
Wrapper that calls List WebService to get a result-set listing ItemSets for a given pJob and pEnv
classmethod WSUpload(pItemSetFile As %String = "", pCCR As %String = "", pToken As %String = "", pEmailRecipient As %String = "") as %Status
Wrapper that calls Upload WebService to upload an ItemSet XML for a given ID to the ItemSet Server


query ClientItemSetsByRID(pRID As %String)
SQL Query:
SELECT ID, Name, CreateTimestamp, Deployed FROM ItemSet WHERE CCR = :pRID AND Target='Client' ORDER BY CreateTimestamp DESC
query ServerItemSetCountByRID(pRID As %String)
SQL Query:
SELECT COUNT(ID) As Num FROM ItemSet WHERE CCR = :pRID AND Target='Server'
query ServerItemSetsByRID(pRID As %String, pCommitted As %String = "")
SQL Query:
SELECT ID, Name, CreateTimestamp, CommittedTimestamp, ImportTimestamp FROM ItemSet WHERE CCR = :pRID AND Target='Server' AND ''=:pCommitted UNION SELECT ID, Name, CreateTimestamp, CommittedTimestamp, ImportTimestamp FROM ItemSet WHERE CCR = :pRID AND Target='Server' AND Committed=:pCommitted ORDER BY CommittedTimestamp DESC, CreateTimestamp DESC, ImportTimestamp DESC


index ($ItemSet on ) [Extent, Type = bitmap];
index (CCR on CCR);
Index methods: CCRDisplayToLogical(), CCRExists(), CCRGet(), CCRGetStored(), CCRIsValid(), CCRLogicalToDisplay(), CCRLogicalToOdbc(), CCRNormalize(), CCRSet()
index (CommittedMap on Committed) [Type = bitmap];
index (DeployedMap on Deployed) [Type = bitmap];
index (IDKEY on %PL97361) [IdKey, Type = key];
Index methods: IDKEYCheck(), IDKEYDelete(), IDKEYExists(), IDKEYOpen(), IDKEYSQLCheckUnique(), IDKEYSQLExists(), IDKEYSQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), IDKEYSQLFindRowIDByConstraint()
index (ItemMap on ItemList(KEYS));
Enables Fast lookup of all ItemSets containing a given Item
index (ItemSetMap on %PL97361,ItemList(KEYS));
Index to match items in the itemlist This is called item map because it maps items to the individual itemset When PL97361 is resolved for all supported client versions, the first subscript should be changed from %PL97361 to %%ID
index (SiteCodeMap on SiteCode) [Type = bitmap];
index (SystemMap on System) [Type = bitmap];
index (TargetBitMap on Target) [Type = bitmap];

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Storage Model: Storage (%Studio.SourceControl.ItemSet)


Storage Model: Storage (%Studio.SourceControl.ItemSet)

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