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class %Studio.SourceControl.ItemSetWS extends %SOAP.WebClient

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parameter LOCATION =;
This is the URL used to access the web service.
parameter NAMESPACE =;
This is the namespace used by the Service
Use xsi:type attribute for literal types.
parameter SERVICENAME = CCRItemSetWS;
This is the name of the Service
parameter SrcVer = $Id: //iris/2024.1.0/databases/sys/cls/Studio/SourceControl/ItemSetWS.xml#1 $;
This Parameter should be updated when synced from Perforce
parameter USEPPGHANDLER = 1;
Use PPG Memory as opposed to process memory for XML reader
parameter Version = 17;
Revision number of this class when compiled as part of the //custom_ccrs/_common/config/... branch. This version will not be updated (by design) when the class is integrated to other branches. This allows the user to tell what version of the Studio client tools are in use.


method %OnSOAPRequest(mode As %String, client As %SOAP.WebClient, action As %String, oneWay As %Boolean, method As %String, requestStream As %BinaryStream)
This method is a callback which will be invoked before invoking transport.DoSOAPRequest() method to make the actual SOAP request. This method may be override by the user's web client class. DoSOAPRequest is the transport method which is responsible for sending the SOAP request and receiving the response. The default DoSOAPRequest is included in %SOAP.WebClient and uses HTTP for request/response.

The mode argument specifies the type of SOAP request "SOAP" or "binary".
The client argument is the oref of the web client class.
The action argument contains the value of the SOAPAction.
The oneWay argument is true if no body is to be sent. The method argument is the name of the WebMethod that is being invoked
The requestStream argument contains the SOAP request message in a stream. requestStream may =0 as an optimization to improve SOAP performance. requestStream=0 means that the stream is kept in memory as much as possible with overflow to a global. requestStream may be accessed by using $$$XMLRewind and $$$XMLRead macros.
method CalcLocation() as %String
Handles fetching the override Location if it exists
method GetAPICredentials(ByRef pAPIKey As %String)
final method InvokeWebMethod(pAction As %String = "", pJob As %String = "", pEnv As %String = "", pToken As %String = "", ByRef pStr1 As %String = "", ByRef pStr2 As %String = "", ByRef pFile As %FileCharacterStream = "", ByRef pDataSet As %XML.DataSet = "") as %xsd.base64Binary [ WebMethod ]
classmethod SetAPICredentials(pUsername As %String, pAPIKey As %String, pSecret As %String)

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