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class %Studio.SourceControl.UI extends %CSP.StudioTemplateSuper

Dialog for checking in files to Perforce

Method Inventory


Do not accept the default SECURITYRESOURCE from the superclass as this page handles it's own security to allow TrakCare use-cases

NOTE - this parameter is not enforced until 2012.2

parameter SrcVer = $Id: //iris/2024.1.0/databases/sys/cls/Studio/SourceControl/UI.xml#1 $;
This Parameter should be updated when synced from Perforce
parameter Version = 103;
Revision number of this class when compiled as part of the //custom_ccrs/_common/config/... branch. This version will not be updated (by design) when the class is integrated to other branches. This allows the user to tell what version of the Studio client tools are in use.


classmethod AllowedApps() as %String
CSP Applications allowed to access this UI.

To add web applications to the return list, set ^%SYS("SourceControl","AllowedApps")=$lb(app1,app2,...). NOTE: app1, app2, etc must have a trailing '/', e.g. ^%SYS("SourceControl","AllowedApps")=$lb("/csp/users/")

classmethod BundleDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
classmethod CheckinDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
Page for checking in files from perforce changelists in the current workspace. Only valid for connected clients.
classmethod ClearP4Ticket()
Handles case of an invalid perforce ticket. Clears the cache and refreshes the page.
classmethod ConvertStreamToHTML(pStream) as %Stream.GlobalCharacter
classmethod DiffDisplay()
Displays a diff between the file passes in the file url parameter and file_".bak" if it exists
classmethod DiffEnabled() as %Boolean
Returns boolean value indicated whether or not the diff UI can be displayed

Set ^SYS("SourceControl","UIConfig","DisableDiff")=1 to disable diff for a specific namespace

Set ^%SYS("SourceControl","UIConfig","DisableDiff")=1 to disable diff for the entire instance

classmethod DownloadDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
classmethod GetParameter(Parameter) as %String
Pages inheriting from %CSP.Page don't have a %GetParameter() method until 2010.2. This method allows access to the parameter values in the class from outside of the class
classmethod InstanceVersion() as %Numeric
Returns value the Major.Minor version for this instance, so it can be used in comparison code which makes sure certain features are used in appropriate versions
classmethod ItemsetautodownloadDisplay()
classmethod ItemsethistoryDisplay()
classmethod ItemsetlogDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
classmethod LoadDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
classmethod LoginDisplay(Output pContinue As %Boolean = 1)
If login needed (connected multi-developer instance), displays/processes the login form. Other UIs can call this and examine pLoggedIn to determine if processing should continue.
classmethod OnPage() as %Status
Event handler for PAGE event: this is invoked in order to generate the content of a csp page.
classmethod OnPreHTTP() as %Boolean
Ensure that this page is only accessible through approved CSP Applications
classmethod PerforceLoggedIn() as %Boolean
Returns true if the user has a valid Perforce ticket in the CSP session, otherwise returns false.
Also obtains and validate an existing ticket.
This also inializes the process ticket variable, so this must be called whenever a server-side method requiring Perforce access is invoked
classmethod PerforceLogin(Password) as %Status
Accepts the password for the current Perforce user (defined by $USERNAME) and validates password by attempting to log into Perforce and obtain a IP-bound ticket
If login is successful, ticket is stored in the session to be reused on later calls to Perforce
If Password is not defined, then the locally cached ticket will be cleared
classmethod RefreshDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
classmethod RetrieveCCRDetails(pRID="", pToken="")
Retrieve details of the requested CCR and update the UI with the details
Link to this page
classmethod ShelveFile(file As %String)
Shelve a given file in the current selected changelist
classmethod SummaryDisplay()
classmethod SwitchChangelist(newChangelist)
Store the new changelist number in %session.Data if switching changelists on check-in page
classmethod SystemdefaultsDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
Runs the Ens.Config.DefaultSettings.%Export method
classmethod UnshelveFile(file As %String)
Unshelve a given shelved file from the current selected changelist, into the same changelist
classmethod UpdateSession()
classmethod UploadDisplay(DisplayForm As %Boolean)
classmethod ValidateCCRUpload(pRID="")
Called from UI Bundle page to validate whether an ItemSet can be uploaded for a given CCR Updates elements on the page according to the status

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