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class %XML.Exchange.Reader extends %XML.Reader

Configuration Management XML Reader This class is used while importing Configuration Items. Do not use this class directly.

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property Filename as %String;
The filename used as an XML source.
Property methods: FilenameDisplayToLogical(), FilenameGet(), FilenameIsValid(), FilenameLogicalToDisplay(), FilenameLogicalToOdbc(), FilenameNormalize(), FilenameSet()


Get and return the next object.

Next() returns 1 (true), if the next object matching one of the Correlate criteria is found and successfully imported.
Next() returns 0 (false) and a %Status of $$$OK in sc after all objects have been imported.
Next() returns 0 (false) and an error %Status in sc, if an error has occurred importing this object.

The namespace argument indicates the default namespace for this XML file.

method OpenFile(xmlsource As %String, format As %String) as %Status
Import XML source from a file using %XML.Document.

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