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class %XML.XPATH.Utils.TreeBuilder extends %XML.XPATH.ResultHandler

This class stores the results of evaluation of an XPATH expression in ^IRIS.Temp(Tree,MatchKey) The Tree is a unique integer value, the MatchKey is an integer key which varies from 1 .. n. For each match of the xpath expression, the results are stored in the appropriate subtree of ^IRIS.Temp. The match results can be of two forms, values and DOMS. If the XPATH expression matches an element, a DOM is returned which represents the matching element and it's childeren. If the XPATH expression matches a value then just the value is returned.

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property Results as %RawString;
This holds the collection of results
Property methods: ResultsGet(), ResultsIsValid(), ResultsSet()
property Tree as %Integer;
This holds the current first subscript of ^IRIS.Temp
Property methods: TreeDisplayToLogical(), TreeGet(), TreeIsValid(), TreeLogicalToDisplay(), TreeNormalize(), TreeSet()


method Attribute(pIndex As %Integer, pParent As %Integer, pName As %String, pLocalName As %String, pUri As %String, pValue As %String)
method EndMatch(pMatch As %Integer)
This method is called at the end of a match
method Node(pIndex As %Integer, pParent As %Integer, pNodeType As %Integer, pName As %String, pLocalName As %String, pUri As %String)
method Result(pChunk As %Integer, pResult As %String)
method StartMatch(pResultType As %Integer)
This method is called when a match is made. It specifies the Match key as well as the type. The type may be $$$XPATHVALUE or $$$XPATHDOM
method Value(pIndex As %Integer, pChunk As %Integer, pValue As %String)

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