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Using .NET with InterSystems IRIS eXTreme
InterSystems: The power behind what matters   

Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
1.1 Installation and Configuration
1.2 eXTreme Sample Applications
       1.2.1 XEP Samples
       1.2.2 Globals API Samples
       1.2.3 Sample Data Classes
Chapter 2: 
2.1 Introduction to Event Persistence
2.2 Creating and Connecting an EventPersister
2.3 Importing a Schema
2.4 Storing and Modifying Events
2.5 Using Queries
2.6 Calling InterSystems IRIS Methods from XEP
2.7 Schema Mapping and Customization
Chapter 3: 
3.1 Introduction to the Globals API
3.2 Creating a Connection
3.3 Building a Global Array
3.4 Finding Nodes in a Global Array
3.5 Fetching Values from the Database
3.6 Using Serialized Value Lists
3.7 Accessing Multiple Global Arrays
3.8 Transactions and Locking
3.9 Calling InterSystems IRIS Methods
3.10 Globals API Requirements and Conventions
Chapter 4: 
4.1 XEP Quick Reference
4.2 Globals Quick Reference