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Using Internet Utility Classes
Other InterSystems %Net Tools
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Here is a brief list of some other useful classes in %Net:
InterSystems IRIS provides a utility class, %Net.URLParser, that you can use to parse URL strings into their component parts. This is useful, for example, when you are redirecting an HTTP request.
This class contains one class method, Parse(), that takes a string containing a URL value and returns, by reference, an array that contains the parts of the URL. For example:
Set url = ""
Do ##class(%Net.URLParser).Parse(url,.components)
Upon return, components will contain an array of the parts of this URL:
Element Value Description
components(“scheme”) http: The transport scheme specified by this URL.
components(“netloc”) The network address of the URL.
components(“path”) /main.csp The file path of the URL.
components(“query”) QUERY=abc The query string associated with the URL.
components(“fragment”) anchor The fragment (following the # character) for the URL.
For more information, refer to the class documentation for %Net.URLParser.
You can use %Net.Charset to represent MIME character sets within InterSystems IRIS and map these character sets to InterSystems IRIS locales. This class provides the following class methods:
For method signatures, see the class documentation for %Net.Charset.
For more information on character sets and translation tables, see System Classes for National Language Support in Specialized System Tools and Utilities.
You can use %Net.TelnetStream to emulate the handshaking behavior of Windows NT Telnet.exe. For details, see the class documentation for %Net.TelnetStream.
%Net Security Classes
The %Net package provides many classes for authentication and security. For information, see the extensive class documentation.