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class HS.HC.Util.Installer.Upgrade.FHIR1503 extends HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Base

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classmethod ConvertDSTU2RepoData() as %Status
Convert the existing FHIR DSTU2 repository stored resources and their indices, to change the repository storage %%CLASSNAME in each item, and to add default values for new properties ResourceStream and ResourceSchema. Updates are via direct sets to $List positions in the existing persisted data and direct global Sets.
classmethod ConvertFHIRProductionItems() as %Status
Make some adjustments to the DSTU2 items in a 15.03-originated FHIR production. This conversion is not comprehensive. It covers only items that can be detected if they had been installed using our installer and not subsequently re-named. Items converted: - Change the class name - not the config item name - for all items that are using the 15.03 verison of the class to use the "vDSTU2" version of the class. - Change the class name on any item using HS.IHE.XDSb.Consumer.Operations to use HS.HC.IHE.XDSb.Consumer.Operations instead. - Remove config item using class name HS.FHIR.Operations.Process. - Remove config item using class name HS.Hub.HSWS.RemoteOperations. - If the production already had PIXm then add HS.FHIR.vDSTU2.PIXm.Manager. - If the production already had PDQm then add HS.FHIR.vDSTU2.PDQm.Supplier. - On HS.FHIR.Server.Process, update settings ResourceSchemaRoot and TargetConfigName.
classmethod Delete1503SearchTables() as %Status
Delete1503SearchTables deletes the data stored in the 15.03 FHIR search tables and the search table classes themselves. Search and hard kill of globals is done both for speed and because after upgrade the classes themselves are not usable, as they reference a class that does not exist post-15.03.
classmethod GenerateDSTU2SearchTables(pConformanceResourceId As %String = "") as %Status
GenerateDSTU2SearchTables generates the DSTU2 search tables, which post-15.03 are re-located to the local namespace and re-named to NSLocal.*.
classmethod ReSaveDSTU2Resources() as %Status
Re-save the DSTU2 repository resources, to re-build the indexing.
classmethod RunAll()
classmethod SetItemSetting(pConfigItemObj As Ens.Config.Item, pSettingName As %String, pSettingValue As %String, pTarget As %String)

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