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class HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Base extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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parameter NamespaceTypes;
The namespace types this kit is valid for (value of ^%SYS("HealthShare","Instances",pNS,"Type")) The UI can use this parameter to determine what options are available for a namespace When creating utility methods create AddHub, AddAccessGateway, AddEdgeGateway, AddBus
parameter OnHub = 1;
Flag to indicate whether the kit being installed will be creating a "hub" instance (where the Registry lives). Subclasses should override as appropriate.


classmethod AddDefaultSetting(pNamespace As %String = "", pProd="", pItemName As %String = "*", pHostClassName As %String = "*", pSettingName As %String, pSettingValue As %String, pOverrideExisting As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Add a default setting to pProd (oref) If a default setting already exists, override only if pOverrideExisting = 1
classmethod AddOIDEntries(pNS As %String = $namespace, pItems="OIDEntries") as %Status
classmethod AddProductionSetting(pProd As Ens.Config.Production = "", pSettingName As %String, pSettingValue As %String) as %Status
Add a setting to pProd (oref)
classmethod AddRegistryEntries(pNS As %String = "", pItems="RegistryEntries", ByRef pSubstitutionValues) as %Status
classmethod AddTrace(pNS As %String = "", pSetting="*FULL*") as %Status
classmethod AddTraceAll(pSetting="*FULL*") as %Status
classmethod AddUpdateConfigItem(pItem As Ens.Config.Item, pToProd As Ens.Config.Production, pUpdate) as %Status
classmethod AvailableKits(pType As %String) as %String
Given a value of a namespace type (^%SYS("HealthShare","Instances",pNS,"Type")) return the available kits that could be added Valid types "Hub","Bus","AccessGateway","EdgeGateway"
classmethod BuildHubUrl(ByRef pOptions) as %String
Default logic for building the Hub URL for web services when a "HubEndpoint" option value is not provided. Constructs the URL using the System Item values for this class. Subclasses should override as appropriate.
classmethod FindSystem(pHost={$ZCVT($$$HSNetworkHostName, "L")}, pPort="") as %String
classmethod GetProduction(Output pProdRef As Ens.Config.Production, pProductionClass="") as %Status
find the first production which starts out with this namespace name
classmethod GetSystemItem(pSystemName, pItem) as %String
available host/webport
classmethod GetSystemNamespaces(pSystemName) as HS.Util.Installer.Kit.Namespaces
collection of items returned as list
classmethod HasSetting(pItem, pSettingName) as %Boolean
classmethod Install(ByRef pOptions) as %Status
Using XData blocks in a defined class to define the environment
classmethod PostInstallItems(pNamespace, pType, pWhen="") as %Status
pType = "Hub", "AccessGateway", "EdgeGateway" etc pWhen = "New" or "Upgrade" so if attribute contains pWhen we run it "New" [ "New" or "NewOrUpgrade" [ "New" etc
classmethod ProductionMods(pNS As %String = $namespace, pItems As %String = "", pUpdate As %Boolean = 0, pProductionClass="", pAddItemsString="") as %Status
classmethod RemoveConfigItem(pItem As Ens.Config.Item, pToProd As Ens.Config.Production) as %Status
classmethod RemoveProductionItems(pNS As %String = "", pItems As %String = "") as %Status
classmethod RemoveSettingFromConfigItem(pSettingName, pItemClass, pProd As Ens.Config.Production = "") as %Status
Used to remove unused settings from production item
classmethod SetupFacility(pCode, pName, pExternalOrGateway, pAssigningAuthority=1, pHomeFacility=0) as %Status
classmethod getStream(pLocation As %String, Output pStream) as %Status

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