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serial class HS.SDA3.CodeTableDetail.FamilyDoctor extends HS.SDA3.CodeTableTranslated

In the Viewer Cache, FamilyDoctors are matched on Code and
SDACodingStandard only. Other properties stored in the Viewer Cache,
including Description, will be updated if they are different in the inbound
FamilyDoctor versus the matched PACRefDoctor.

Note that both ReferralDoctor and FamilyDoctor CodeTableDetails populate
the PACRefDoctor table in the Viewer Cache.

Property Inventory


property Address as HS.SDA3.Address;
VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: AddressGet(), AddressGetObject(), AddressGetObjectId(), AddressGetSwizzled(), AddressIsEmpty(), AddressIsValid(), AddressNewObject(), AddressSet(), AddressSetObject(), AddressSetObjectId(), AddressUnSwizzle()
property Code as HS.SDA3.StrippedString (MAXLEN = 32000);
Property methods: CodeDisplayToLogical(), CodeGet(), CodeIsValid(), CodeLogicalToDisplay(), CodeLogicalToOdbc(), CodeNormalize(), CodeSet(), CodeXSDToLogical()
property ContactInfo as HS.SDA3.ContactInfo;
VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: ContactInfoGet(), ContactInfoGetObject(), ContactInfoGetObjectId(), ContactInfoGetSwizzled(), ContactInfoIsEmpty(), ContactInfoIsValid(), ContactInfoNewObject(), ContactInfoSet(), ContactInfoSetObject(), ContactInfoSetObjectId(), ContactInfoUnSwizzle()
property Description as HS.SDA3.StrippedString (MAXLEN = 32000);
Property methods: DescriptionDisplayToLogical(), DescriptionGet(), DescriptionIsValid(), DescriptionLogicalToDisplay(), DescriptionLogicalToOdbc(), DescriptionNormalize(), DescriptionSet(), DescriptionXSDToLogical()
Property methods: ExtensionGet(), ExtensionGetObject(), ExtensionGetObjectId(), ExtensionGetSwizzled(), ExtensionIsEmpty(), ExtensionIsValid(), ExtensionNewObject(), ExtensionSet(), ExtensionSetObject(), ExtensionSetObjectId(), ExtensionUnSwizzle()
property Name as HS.SDA3.Name;
Viewer cache:
If the inbound FamilyDoctor matches a PACRefDoctor on Code and
SDACodingStandard, then if the FamilyDoctor has a Name defined and
FamilyName, GivenName, MiddleName, and NamePrefix are not all null, then
they will be compared to the corresponding properties of the matched
PACRefDoctor. If any property does not match, then the PACRefDoctor is
determined to need an update (of all properties, not just the mismatched
If the matched PACRefDoctor is determined to need an update, then if the
FamilyDoctor has a Name defined, then FamilyName, GivenName, MiddleName,
and NamePrefix are all inserted into the Viewer Cache, even if any of them
are null, and even if they overwrite non-null values.

VIEWERLIB: User.HS.PACRefDoctor(REFDFamilyName)
VIEWERLIB: User.HS.PACRefDoctor(REFDForename)
VIEWERLIB: User.HS.PACRefDoctor(REFDMiddleName)
Property methods: NameGet(), NameGetObject(), NameGetObjectId(), NameGetSwizzled(), NameIsEmpty(), NameIsValid(), NameNewObject(), NameSet(), NameSetObject(), NameSetObjectId(), NameUnSwizzle()

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