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serial class HS.SDA3.CodeTableDetail.LabTestItem extends HS.SDA3.CodeTableTranslated

The Viewer Cache table for LabTestItem, CT_TestCode, is not constrained to
have unique Descriptions, so Description will never have a uniqueness
suffix added to it in the Viewer Cache.

Note that in addition to the other reserved characters (documented in the
CodeTableDetail class), LabTestItem Codes and Descriptions may not contain
backslash characters ("\") in the Viewer Cache only. In the Viewer Cache,
backslashes will be replaced with underscores ("_").

lab.HS.CTAntibiotics is for antibiotic sensitivities only. See
HS.SDA3.LabResultItem:TestItemCode for more info.

Also note that the matching of LabTestItem CodeTableDetails in the SDA to
CTTestCodes in the Viewer Cache can optionally use the ResultValueUnits
of the containing LabResultItem as a match property. See
HS.SDA3.LabResultItem:ResultValueUnits for more details.

Property Inventory


property Code as HS.SDA3.StrippedString (MAXLEN = 32000);
VIEWERLIB: User.HS.CTTestCode(CTTCCode) VIEWERLIB: lab.HS.CTAntibiotics(CTANTCode)
Property methods: CodeDisplayToLogical(), CodeGet(), CodeIsValid(), CodeLogicalToDisplay(), CodeLogicalToOdbc(), CodeNormalize(), CodeSet(), CodeXSDToLogical()
property Description as HS.SDA3.StrippedString (MAXLEN = 32000);
VIEWERLIB: User.HS.CTTestCode(CTTCDesc) VIEWERLIB: lab.HS.CTAntibiotics(CTANTName)
Property methods: DescriptionDisplayToLogical(), DescriptionGet(), DescriptionIsValid(), DescriptionLogicalToDisplay(), DescriptionLogicalToOdbc(), DescriptionNormalize(), DescriptionSet(), DescriptionXSDToLogical()
Property methods: ExtensionGet(), ExtensionGetObject(), ExtensionGetObjectId(), ExtensionGetSwizzled(), ExtensionIsEmpty(), ExtensionIsValid(), ExtensionNewObject(), ExtensionSet(), ExtensionSetObject(), ExtensionSetObjectId(), ExtensionUnSwizzle()
property IsNumeric as HS.SDA3.Boolean;
Whether this test item is numeric.

Viewer cache:
The CTTCShowInCummulative property and the ARCIMDisplayCumulative property of the ARCItmMast for the current order will always be set to "Y", regardless of IsNumeric.
VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: IsNumericDisplayToLogical(), IsNumericGet(), IsNumericIsValid(), IsNumericIsValidDT(), IsNumericLogicalToDisplay(), IsNumericLogicalToXSD(), IsNumericNormalize(), IsNumericSet(), IsNumericXSDToLogical()

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