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About This Book

This book introduces Zen, the InterSystems framework for web application development.

This book contains the following sections:

  • Introducing Zen” summarizes Zen product features and where to find examples and support.

  • Zen Tutorial” demonstrates how to create some simple web pages using Zen.

  • Zen Application Concepts” provides background information for Zen application development.

  • Zen Component Concepts” explains how to control layout, style, and behavior for Zen pages.

  • Zen Layout” explores web page layout issues, featuring groups and panes.

  • Zen Style” explores web page style issues, featuring CSS and HTML.

  • Zen Wizards” introduces Studio tools for working with Zen.

There is also a detailed table of contents.

The following books provide related information:

  • Using Zen Components describes each of the built-in Zen components for web application development.

  • Using JSON in Caché describes how to use the %Object and %Array classes, which provide support for JSON, which is a useful format to ship data between client and server.

  • Developing Zen Applications explores programming issues and explains how to extend the Zen component library with custom code and client-side components.

  • Using Zen Reports explains how to generate reports in XHTML and PDF formats based on data stored in Caché.

For general information, see Using InterSystems Documentation.

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