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Filters control characters from input.




flag A boolean value. 0: no filtering of control characters (the default). 1 (or any non-zero number): control characters are filtered out of the input stream. The same boolean values can be supplied using the OFF and ON keywords.


The INPUTCTRL statement is used to filter out control characters from the characters accepted by the INPUT command. It can be executed using the ON or OFF keyword, or by using a boolean flag value. The default is OFF, meaning control characters are accepted by INPUT.

When INPUTCTRL is on, control character sequences that perform operations are neither executed nor recorded as part of the input string (for example, Ctrl-c). Control characters that code for special characters are recorded as part of the input string (for example, Ctrl-r or Ctrl-w).

The INPUTCTRL is only applied to the current EXECUTE level.

You can use the CONTROL.CHARS command line command to set or display the current process-wide default for control character filtering.

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