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Writes a message to the user terminal.


INPUTERR [message [, ...] ]


message Optional — A string literal to write to the terminal screen. Can be an expression or variable that resolves to a literal value. If omitted, a blank line is written.


The INPUTERR statement performs several operations affecting the user terminal.

  • It advances the terminal cursor to the last line of the current page. For further information on page lines refer to the SYSTEM function and the ASSIGN statement

  • It writes the optional message to the terminal screen at the new cursor location. If you specify multiple comma-separated message arguments, they are displayed with tab spacing, similar to the PRINT or CRT command. You can also concatenate multiple message arguments, using the colon (:) concatenation operator.

  • It deletes (clears) any user input data stored in the type-ahead buffer. This affects the INPUTIF statement, which receives user input from the type-ahead buffer.

The message is cleared by the next INPUT @(col,row) statement.


Caché and UniVerse clear user input data stored in the type-ahead buffer. All other emulations do not perform this action.

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