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A Simple Query

To execute an SQL command that does not involve any parameters you need only use CacheCommand. CacheDataReader provides very efficient forward and read only access to a stream of data returned by a query. The following method uses CacheCommand and CacheDataReader to retrieve and display all of the “Business” contacts in the database.

public void DisplayBusinessContacts()
    string sql = 
      "Select %ID, Name, ContactType From Provider.Contact Where +
                             "ContactType %startswith 'Business' Order By Name";

    CacheCommand command = new CacheCommand(sql, cnCache);
    CacheDataReader reader = command.ExecuteReader();
    while (reader.Read())
       Console.WriteLine("ID: {0} Name: {1}", reader[reader.GetOrdinal("ID")], 
catch (CacheException e){}

Note that cnCache represents an open CacheConnection instance.

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