Caché Managed Provider for .NET Tutorial
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Welcome to the Caché Managed Provider for .NET Tutorial !
The Caché Managed Provider for .NET is a high performance native .NET data provider. It supports both an object interface for access to Caché objects as well as a relational interface for ADO.NET and SQL access to Caché tables. This allows .NET applications to fully leverage the Caché Unified Data Architecture (UDA).
The tutorial consist of three sections. Complete Part I first. Parts II and III are independent of each other and can be completed in any order.
To learn more about the Caché support for both object and relational data access, read about the Caché Unified Data Architecture (UDA) in the Objects, SQL, and the Unified Data Architecture section of Introduction to Caché.
There are a number of sample files for this tutorial. Click here to download the sample files. Example and Exercise Files provides instructions for setting up these files.
The exercise and demonstration instructions throughout the tutorial assume that you have installed Caché using Minimal security.

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