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Form Wizard Example

Complete the following steps to use the Form Wizard to create a form for the CSPTutorial.Contact class.

  1. Open Studio and connect to the USER namespace. Create a new CSP page name Contact.CSP. (See the note below for more information on this class.)

  2. Place the Studio cursor in between the <body></body> tags on the page.

  3. Click Tools —> Templates —> Templates to launch the Studio Templates dialog box.

    generated description: studiotemplates 20142

  4. Click Contact under Which class would you like to use?

    generated description: webformwizselectclass 20142

  5. Click Next.

  6. Click ContactType and Name under Which properties would you like to use?.

    generated description: proppage 20142

  7. Click Finish. The Wizard adds all of the code for the Web form to the CSP page.

  8. Click View —> Web Page to test the form:

generated description: contactform 20142


Read Installing Tutorial Files for more information on installing the code for the tutorial.

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