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Caché Server Pages QuickStart Tutorial

Welcome to the Caché Server Pages QuickStart Tutorial!

Caché Server Pages (CSP) is a platform for rapidly developing and deploying high-performance data-driven Web applications. The platform includes a rich programming and deployment model. This tutorial provides a fast-paced, hands-on, introduction to developing and deploying Web applications using CSP.

The tutorial consist of two parts. Successful completion of Part II of the tutorial requires an understanding of the information presented in Part I.

  1. Complete Part I: What is CSP? to learn about basic CSP topics: CSP page lifecycle, configuration, %CSP.PageOpens in a new tab class, and CSP mark-up elements including expressions, scripts, and tags.

  2. Complete Part II: Fundamentals of CSP Programming to learn about CSP programming topics: object binding, querying, maintaining state, using hyperevents, and using the Studio Web Form Wizard.


The tutorial assumes a working knowledge of ObjectScript. To learn more about Caché Object Script, read the ObjectScript Tutorial or the Caché QuickStart Tutorial.

For a more in depth discussion of building Web applications using Caché and CSP, read the Caché Web Applications Tutorial.

The tutorial includes a number of example and solution files. Read Installing Tutorial Files for instructions on installing them.

The tutorial assumes that you have installed Caché with minimal security.

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