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Configuring the Bad Message Handler

Finally, configure the Bad Message Handler. A Bad Message Handler is any Business Process or Business Operation that has been designated to receive invalid messages from a Message Router. You designate the component using the Bad Message Handler configuration option of the Message Router.

We have configured TutorialFileService_Router to use the Business Operation named BadMessageHandler as the Bad Message Handler. BadMessageHandler is an HL7 File Operation component. It is the same type of component as TutorialFileOperation.

To begin configuring, navigate back to the Configuration page and click the BadMessageHandler to reveal its configuration options — Settings tab on the right.

The configuration settings for BadMessageHandler are essentially the same as those for TutorialFileOperation

  • Enabled: selected

  • File Path: C:\Tutorial\Bad (Or some file path that exist, or that you will create)

  • Filename: %f_%Q_Bad.txt

Click Apply.

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