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Testing the Production with Valid Data

Test the production using valid HL7 data. Note that at this stage the production only moves the data from the input file to the output file.

  1. Start the production if it is not already running. Do this by clicking the Start button on the configuration page. Remember that only one production can be running in a namespace at one time. So, if there is another production already running in ENSDEMO, you will need to stop it first.

  2. Place a copy of ABC1.txt in C:\Tutorial\In, or in whichever directory you have configured TutorialFileService to read from.

  3. After a few seconds, the file disappears. Verify that the production has written a new file to C:\Tutorial\Out, or to whichever directory you have configured TutorialFileOperation to write to.


ABC1.txt is in <ensemblesys>\Dev\tutorials\hl7messagerouting where <ensemblesys> is the directory where Ensemble is installed.

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