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Demonstration: Creating a new Data Transformation in the Management Portal

The first step of the demonstration is to create a new data transformation and choose Classes and DocTypes for the Source and Target Messages.

The Class for this type of data transformation will always be EnsLib.HL7.Message. The DocType is made up of two separate pieces of information, the Schema and the Message Structure. This identifies the segments of the message to be used in the transformation. Here are the steps to perform:

  1. On the home page of the Management Portal, click Ensemble > Build > Data Transformations, then click Go.

    generated description: datatransforms4 20152

  2. Click New at the top of the screen and fill in the information as follows.

  3. Enter Tutorial for the Package Name and DemoDTL for the Name of the transformation.

  4. Next, click HL7 for both Source Type and Target Type, and click the magnifying glass next to Source Doc Type. In the resulting window, shown below, click 2.3 and scroll to ORM_O01. Do the same for Target Doc Type.

    generated description: datatransforms5 20152

  5. Click OK when your screen has all of the information as shown below.

    generated description: datatransforms6 20141


For more information about Message Classes and Schema DocTypes, read Using the HL7 Schema Structures Page in Ensemble HL7 Version 2 Development Guide.

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