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Demonstration Overview

The next several pages provide a hands-on demonstration of an Ensemble HL7 message routing production and several Management Portal tools. In the demonstration you will do all of the following:

  1. Start an HL7 message routing production.

  2. Look at the configuration options for an HL7 message routing production.

  3. Feed HL7 data into a message routing production.

  4. Examine the output of a message routing production.

  5. Trace HL7 data and Ensemble messages through a message routing production.

The demonstration uses Demo.HL7.MsgRouter.ProductionOpens in a new tab. This production reads files containing HL7 data from directories in the local file system. It then writes the data to other directories. It names the output file according to the type of HL7 message contained in the original file. The production also validates incoming HL7 data and handles invalid HL7 data in a different manner.

Demo.HL7.MsgRouter.ProductionOpens in a new tab is part of the standard Ensemble installation. It is in the ENSDEMO namespace.

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