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Management Portal

The Management Portal is a web-based portal for Caché, Ensemble, and DeepSee that provides several tools for developing and managing Ensemble productions. The Management Portal includes the following tools:

Some Tools Provided by the Management Portal
Tool Description
Production Configuration Page Diagram of a production and its components. Displays the status of the production and each of its components. Allows for configuring the production and its components. Provides wizards for adding components to the production.
Message Viewer Tool for searching for messages saved in the underlying database. Provides many different filters. Once found, a message can be resent to the original target or to a different target.
Event Log A log of events for the currently running production. Entries include informational entries, alerts, warnings and errors. Provides several different filters for viewing the entries.
Business Rule Log A log of business rule activity. For HL7 productions it displays a log of routing rule activity. The log shows which rule criteria each message was tested against along with whether or not the message matched the criteria and what happened as a result.
Business Rule Editor Tool for creating and editing business and routing rules.
HL7 Message Viewer and Schemas pages. Tools for viewing messages, HL7 and custom schema definitions, and testing data transformations.
Various System Monitors: Jobs page, Queues page Tools for monitoring the status of production components, CPU jobs, and message queues.

To learn more about the Management Portal, read Introduction to Ensemble Management in Managing Ensemble.

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