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Demonstration: Launching the Management Portal

The first step of the demonstration is to access the Ensemble Utilities from the Management Portal. We will begin by looking at a list of Ensemble Productions. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the InterSystems Launcher generated description: ecube in the System Tray and then click Management Portal on the menu. Once here, the first action to take is to change your namespace from the default %SYS. We perform this step because we can only access the Ensemble Utilities from an Ensemble-Enabled Namespace. Find the Switch button at the top of the screen and click ENSDEMO.

    generated description: overview1 20141

  2. Click Ensemble > List > Productions > Go to get to the list of Ensemble productions that are accessible from ENSDEMO.

    generated description: overview2 20141


You can also launch the Management Portal from the Windows Start menu: Click Start–>All Programs–>Ensemble–>Management Portal.

To learn more about the Management Portal, read Using the Management Portal in the Caché System Administration Guide.

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