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Demonstration: Message Contents

You can use the Message Viewer to view the HL7 content of Ensemble HL7 Messages.

Click on a row in the Message Viewer where the Source is ABC_HL7FileService.

generated description: overview7 1 20161

There are four different tabs on the right side of the Message Viewer. They are:

  • Header — Displays details about the message header. The message header contains routing details about the message, including status, source, targets, timestamps, and so on.

  • Body — Displays the properties of the message body. The message body contains the messages's data, including any HL7 content.

  • Contents — Displays the HL7 content of the message body. The display includes hover text displaying the HL7 segment and field names and numbers as well as hyperlinks to the definitions of the HL7 segments, fields, and so on.

  • Trace — Displays a graphical representation of the "flow" of the messages in the session.


The DocType property involves values for both schema and message structure. By default, Ensemble assigns a schema based on the value of the Message Schema Category configuration property of the Business Service that accepted the HL7 data. Also by default, Ensemble assigns a message structure base on the MSH 9.1 and 9.2 fields.

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