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Example Setup

The following example demonstrates creating and testing a privileged routine application. Before beginning the example, you must complete the following preliminary steps. Note that you may well have completed the first three steps for an earlier example in this tutorial.

  1. If you have not already done so, add a user (user name is JSmith, password is JSmith) to Caché. Read Creating a User for instructions.

  2. If you have not already done so, add a resource (SecurityTutorialResource) to Caché. Read Creating a Resource for instructions.

  3. If you have not already done so, create a role (SecurityTutorialRole). Add the SecurityTutorialResource to the role with Use permissions. Read Creating A Role for instructions.

  4. Create another new role named PrivRoutineRole. Read Creating A Role for instructions.

  5. Add the user JSmith to the %Developer role, but not the SecurityTutorialRole. If JSmith is already a member of SecurityTutorialRole, remove JSmith from the role. Read Adding a User to a Role for instructions. Note that the instructions show adding the user to the SecurityTutorialRole role. In this case you want to add the user to %Developer.

  6. Finally, import the example routine, PrivRoutineExample.mac, into Caché in the USER namespace. The routine is contained in PrivRoutine.xml file. See the note below for the location of this file. Read Importing Code Using Terminal for installation instructions.


For this example the user JSmith must have the %Developer role. We need JSmith to have access to Terminal. This requires membership in %Developer.

PrivRoutine.xml is in install-dir\dev\tutorials\security.

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