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Testing HL7 Productions

The procedure for testing HL7 productions using %UnitTest.TestProductionOpens in a new tab is identical to that for testing non-HL7 productions:

The next several pages of the tutorial demonstrate testing an HL7 production. The test starts an HL7 message routing production and sends it HL7 data by placing a text file into a directory. The production reads the data from the file, transforms it, and then outputs the result to a different directory. The test then compares the output against a reference file.

The example demonstrates the following common production testing activities:

  • Initializing a set of directories and sub-directories.

  • Copying a text file containing data into an input directory for a production.

  • Comparing a file generated by a production against a reference file.

  • Executing a query against the Ensemble Business Rule Log to determine which routing rule was executed and whether it forwarded the message to the correct target.

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