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Getting Started

To get started, you must complete the following pair of preliminary steps:

  1. Import the starter CSP pages: Person.CSP and Phones.CSP into the MYACCOUNT namespace. The starter CSP pages contain all of the necessary HTML for the example. See the note below for the location of these files.

  2. Copy the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file, table_style.css, into <cachesys>\CSP\myaccount . This file contains all of the HTML styling information for the two CSP pages. See the note below for the location of this file.


The CSP starter files are in CSP_Starter.xml. The completed CSP files are in CSP_Soln.xml. These files and table_style.css are in <cachesys>\Dev\tutorials\mv. For instructions on importing the CSP files into Caché, read Importing a File Using Studio.

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