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Creating a CSP Page

Here are the steps for creating a CSP page using Studio:

  1. Open Studio. On the menu bar, click File–>Change Namespace. This displays the Caché Connection Manager dialog.

    generated description: studioselectnamespace 20142

  2. Click MYACCOUNT and then click OK. Studio is now connected to the MYACCOUNT namespace.

  3. On the menu bar, click File–>New.

    generated description: studionewcsp1 20142

  4. On the New dialog, click the CSP File tab. Click the Caché Server Page icon and then click OK.

    generated description: studionewdialog1 20142

  5. The Studio Editor displays the new CSP page. Locate the area between the <body></body> tags. Replace the existing text “My Page Body” with the following HTML:

       <h2>Welcome to CSP!</h2>

    generated description: studiofirstcsp1 20101

  6. On the menu bar, click File–>Save and then click csp/user on the Save As dialog. Name the file FirstPage.CSP. Click Save As.

    generated description: studiosavefirstcsp1 20142

  7. On the menu bar, click Build–>Compile to compile FirstPage.CSP.

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