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abstract class %BI.WebADTM

Method Inventory


classmethod AddBitMap(id, val)
classmethod DeleteADTM(id)
classmethod SaveADTM(id, typename, day, dow, wk, mth, qtr, per, yr, decpt, rouding, txtconversion, dlm, minchar, mtranslation, ranges, btype, customDim, init, exValue, startFinPeriod, excludedWords, mthweek, childFunc, ColtSeq, time, timestamp, hourRange)
classmethod SaveADTM2(id, typename)
classmethod checkADTname(typeName)
classmethod laodBitMap(id)
classmethod loadDataTypeData(id)
classmethod loadDataTypeName(class)
classmethod loadPicture(id)