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abstract class %BI.Deploy

Hyperindex Deployment class

Method Inventory


classmethod Cleanup(mode)
Method called on the DB server when it is started up. Must ONLY be called for mode 4 or 5. Deletes all the 'Upd' entries, all the ^Hi indices. It does this with journalling disabled, so that these changes are not reflected on the shadow server. Sets the mode to signal 'delayed' mode
classmethod Pause()
Set background into a wait loop using uinterval
classmethod PauseRebuild() as %String
Disable background rebuild, but process updates
classmethod Resume()
Resume background from Paused state
classmethod ResumeRebuild(batchsize As %String)
Resume background rebuild, using batchsize, if provided, else 1000
classmethod Start(log, mode, uinterval, rnrecords, rinterval, rebinterval, debug)
Parameters: log = full path of log file, "" for none, 0 for users device mode = 1 : DB side, Immediate
classmethod Stop()
Shutdown background
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