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abstract class %BI.WebBlog

Method Inventory


classmethod DispCat(val)
classmethod DispSubCat(cat)
classmethod FilterBlog(val)
classmethod GetBlogTitle(id)
classmethod Init(blogID)
classmethod addBlogJS(title, folderID)
classmethod addCommentJS(postID, msg)
classmethod addPostJS(cat, subCat, title, post)
classmethod checkAccessJS(blogID, source)
classmethod checkPostJS(blogID)
classmethod deletePostJS(postID)
classmethod displayUserListJS()
classmethod doOnLoad(blogID)
classmethod editPostJS(postID, cat, subCat, title, post)
classmethod genericFilter(blogID, byType, val, MixStr2, divId)
classmethod getBlogTitleJS(blogID)
classmethod getSelectedVal(blogID)
classmethod keepLastJS(bName, bID)
classmethod nGenList(id)
classmethod readPostJS(postID)
classmethod remLastJS()
classmethod removeBlogJS(blogID)
classmethod saveUsersJS(usrList)
classmethod setFilter(blogID, byType, val)
classmethod updateBlogJS(blogID, title, folderID)