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abstract class %BI.MailClient

Method Inventory


classmethod ChkUnread()
classmethod CleanUpload()
classmethod ConnectStat(stat)
classmethod DelUp()
classmethod DeleteInMail(lst As %String)
classmethod DeleteInMailData(lst As %String)
classmethod DeleteMsg()
classmethod DisplayAtt()
classmethod DoSendMail(mTo, mCc, mSubj, mText, username, password, mBcc)
classmethod DoTest()
classmethod DwinRply()
classmethod EndIt()
classmethod GenerateSav(fname)
classmethod GetSelect(hdlTxt, hval)
classmethod GoinD(curr, curr2)
classmethod LoadCont(idv)
classmethod LoadNewTit(idv)
classmethod MUserUp(UsrN, UsrP)
classmethod MailDetailInMain(mid, typ)
classmethod MailInTabCont(str, typ)
classmethod OpenGetMail()
classmethod PrepareD(curr)
classmethod RedrawT()
classmethod RedrawTable()
classmethod Reset()
classmethod ResetMailId()
classmethod SOp(t)
classmethod SelThis(msnum, ty)
classmethod SesStat()
classmethod SetOpen()
classmethod ShowAtt()
classmethod ShowNow()
classmethod ShowSMS(sms)
classmethod ShowSMS2(sms, tt)
classmethod StartAttach(Fi)
classmethod ToReplay(typ)
classmethod ToolBarDel()
classmethod TryNow()
classmethod ViewThis(PicDir)