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abstract class %BI.WebAnalyzer2

Method Inventory


classmethod BuildMultiPassTree(cls, name)
classmethod GetRelatedClass()
classmethod RedoFilter()
classmethod UndoFilter()
classmethod changeAgg()
classmethod delPiv(pivID, rClick, all)
classmethod delPiv2(pivID, rClick, all)
classmethod deleteDOther(P0)
classmethod genPDF(pivID, tid)
classmethod getDListClass(DLnum)
classmethod loadAsPivot(pivobj)
classmethod loadNewSubjAreaForCurrPivot(P0)
classmethod loadStatusLog(objID)
classmethod newPivot()
classmethod newPivot2()
classmethod refFilterTrig(objID, oriCoor, ddNum)
classmethod resetQueryCnt()
classmethod saveAsPivot(pvtName, pvtNotes, isStatica, cFoldid, folderName, wd, ht, topNSelectValA, unilkR, valueSet, pivID, gColWidth, grandVal, subVal, SQLVal)
classmethod saveDA(tid, pivotTableID)
classmethod saveGS(tid, pivotTableID)
classmethod saveSetup(fdata)
classmethod setChartCol(tid, tabNo, oriCoor, dimType)
classmethod setClsSess(pivID, oriCoor, tid)
classmethod setMetric(filData)
classmethod setMyClass(myCls)
classmethod setMyClass2(myCls)
classmethod setPivot(saveType)
classmethod setTheMetric(chc, xtra, filter)
classmethod setTheMetric2(chc, xtra, filter)
classmethod swapRowCol()