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abstract class %BI.WebDimML

Method Inventory


classmethod AddDimCapTable(hval, htxt)
classmethod AddNow()
classmethod DelChd(DDPar, tdch)
classmethod DelNow()
classmethod DelNowAs()
classmethod DisplayChdJS(AcsChd)
classmethod DisplayParJS(ParSt)
classmethod DoSaveJs(toS)
classmethod DoneNone()
classmethod GetLastPar()
classmethod GoinRem(pa)
classmethod InitDisplayAssTable(stat, Asr)
classmethod LoadAssTabToJs(ParId)
classmethod SavNow()
classmethod TRemN(par, chd)
classmethod ToDel(daOne)
classmethod ToDelAs(daO)
classmethod UpdateLastPar(parNum)
classmethod UpdateSes(newt, id, loc)