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abstract class %BI.WebETL

Method Inventory


classmethod CheckForSpace(path)
classmethod asc(cls)
classmethod cFKy(cls, rCls, pNm, fKyS, dlmt, idx)
classmethod clsNm(sqlTblNm, js)
classmethod compile(cls)
classmethod dDL(cls)
classmethod dDt(cls)
classmethod dETL(cls)
classmethod dStat(cls, n)
classmethod gC(temp)
classmethod gP()
classmethod gSqlFld(qry, dsn)
classmethod gTFHdr(fl, dlmt, cWd)
classmethod iSQLF(sql, stR, mxL, gRC)
classmethod lADt(cls)
classmethod lAIFS(cls)
classmethod lAStat(shM)
classmethod lCls(cls)
classmethod lClsT(jsT)
classmethod lDQry(dsn, sch, tbl)
classmethod lDSNS(dsn)
classmethod lEStat(cls)
classmethod lFld(gWy, sch, tbl, cls, aFld, nKy, oKy, qry, isJDBC, isProc)
classmethod lGWy()
classmethod lIdx(cls)
classmethod lIdxS(cls)
classmethod lMltS(mltS)
classmethod lMsg(cls, msg, stR, mxL)
classmethod lMsgN(cls, msg, mNo)
classmethod lODt(cls, id)
classmethod lRB(recS, tbl, mxC, id, cls)
classmethod lRec(sql, stR, mxL, gRC, mxC, site, gId)
classmethod lRecD(sql, stR, mxL, gRC, dsn, mxC)
classmethod lRel(dsn)
classmethod lStat(cls, n)
classmethod lTFFld(fld, tCol)
classmethod lTFHdr(file, dlmt, colWd)
classmethod lTFTbl(file)
classmethod lTblT(gWy, isJDBC, tbl, view, proc, sch)
classmethod oETLC(cls)
classmethod oRB(cls, mxC, val)
classmethod oTxtC(cls)
classmethod pplt(cls, rNo)
classmethod sETL(new, cls, isODBC, gWy, exS, key, ftr, aIF, mTL, mail, fFN, sql, oOM, noV, bBd, dMt, lADND, qry, srtSz, bISCD, db, cdc, cdcTbl, bRl, fld, ppC, prC, poC, conS, prL, poL, pop, his)
classmethod sETLC(gWy, oSch, oTbl, nSch, nTbl, qry, pk1, pk2, cDt, noV, dtM, aFld, fldS, isProc)
classmethod sIdx(cls, idxS)
classmethod sMail(cls, mTo, mSb, mIf)
classmethod sSes(sesS, X, X2)
classmethod sTxtC(cls, file, dlmt, noV, dtM, oOM, fFN, pKy, sCD, fldS, cDt, fVDF, mltS)
classmethod test()
classmethod toXcl(sql, stR, mxL, mxC, site, type)
classmethod toXclD(sql, stR, mxL, dsn, mxC, sch, tbl, type)
classmethod toXclM(cls, msg, stR, mxL)
classmethod toXclS(shM)
classmethod toXml(sql, stR, mxL, mxC, site)
classmethod toXmlD(sql, stR, mxL, dsn, mxC, sch, tbl)
classmethod tstRn(cls, stR, mxL)
classmethod uIdx(cls)