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abstract class %BI.WebSMS

Method Inventory


classmethod ChangeStat(id, no, msg)
classmethod createFldr(fldrName)
classmethod delFldr(fldrId)
classmethod delTemplate(mode, tId)
classmethod deleteSMS(tId)
classmethod extractParameter(val)
classmethod extractParameter2(val, para)
classmethod genTempTree(mode)
classmethod genTreeMB(mode)
classmethod loadSMS(sId)
classmethod loadSMS2(sId)
classmethod loadSavedContact(contactNo)
classmethod loadTemplate(mode, tId)
classmethod modemStat()
classmethod renFldr(fldrId, fldrName)
classmethod restart()
classmethod saveSMSToDraft(cNo, msg)
classmethod saveTemplate(tName, msg, fldrId)
classmethod sendSMS(cNo, Msg, schDetails)
classmethod sendSMS2(phoneNo, msg)
classmethod setpivTooWifJS()
classmethod showFolders(type)
classmethod stopStartD(type)
classmethod updateTemplate(tName, msg, fldrId, tId)