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abstract class %BI.WebSchema

Method Inventory


classmethod DimensionList()
classmethod LoadClassProp()
classmethod LoadPropList(iClass, propNm, cnt, child, parentNode)
classmethod addADimension(valueSet)
classmethod compareWhichDef(val)
classmethod delete()
classmethod killOfLoadDimeSession()
classmethod loadDimeProp(dimeID)
classmethod loadRangesRep()
classmethod loadTransRep()
classmethod saveDimensionProp()
classmethod saveNewDime(P33, P55, def, P2, P32, P31, P51, P52, dParam, aoNot, xVal, aNew)
classmethod setBaseCls(baseCls)
classmethod setChildInfo(cLoop, cFetch, cClose)
classmethod upDateMtrans(nPtr, nFld, mTrans)
classmethod upDateRanges(ranges)