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abstract class %BI.WebUsersMtn

Method Inventory


classmethod AddDashToList(dashId)
classmethod AddFolderAccess(val, folderId)
classmethod AddRoleToList(roleId)
classmethod ChangeDefaultFolder(valueTxt As %String, valueSet)
classmethod ChkFolderAccess(valId, num)
classmethod ClearFields()
classmethod CreateFolder(folderId As %String)
classmethod DelFolder(folderId As %String, usrId)
classmethod DeleteUser(usrID)
classmethod DeleteUsrFolder(val As %String)
classmethod DisplayUserList()
classmethod DupUser(id)
classmethod GetIcoName(id)
classmethod HiliteRow(val As %String, onTarget As %Integer)
classmethod KeepLast(trName, uId)
classmethod KeepLastFold(i, foldid)
classmethod KillDashFromList(dashId, numOfDash)
classmethod KillRoleFromList(roleId, numOfRoles)
classmethod ListDashboard()
classmethod ListRoles()
classmethod LoadFolders()
classmethod OpenUser(usrID)
classmethod RemLast()
classmethod RenFolderName(folderId As %String, folderName As %String)
classmethod SaveMail(usrID, emailAdd, emailsig, chkboxlimit)
classmethod SaveUser(usrId, FullName, uCode, pwd, language, level, superUsr, defaultVal, chkboxlimit, MinChar, Alphanum, NuReuse, PassExp, MyMis, EnSc, CHKBoxLock, DGSIG, chkboxUPlimit, defaultLog, mindd, noTimeout)
classmethod lastfold()
classmethod loadLanguage()