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abstract class %BI.Adaptor extends %BI.MinerParams

Hyperindex Generator class

Method Inventory (Including Private)


final method %OnAfterSave(insert) as %Status
classmethod %OnDelete(oid As %ObjectIdentity) as %Status
[Previously private]
classmethod DrillDownData(DDId, RecId) as %String
classmethod DrillDownList(ComId) as %String
classmethod HiDebug(JobId, buildcnt) as %Status
classmethod HiRebuild(option, user) as %Status
Rebuild ^SpeedI.Hi for the class. This method rebuilds it quite slowly, and creates a fragmented file, but the class remains queryable all the time. (Do not kill ^SpeedI.Condition* as it may contain manual compound conditions).
classmethod ListData(%this, ComId, Col) as %Status
classmethod ListHeader(ComId) as %String
classmethod SaveAIData(ComId, dat, Id) as %String
classmethod SelectBuild(builopt, user) as %Status
builopt = 1 build batch relationship
final method SimQueryData(ComId, Col) as %Status
final method SpeedOnAfterSave(insert) as %Status
final classmethod SpeedOnDelete(oid) as %Status
classmethod zzBuild(Id) as %Status
classmethod zzBuildDebug(Id) as %Status
classmethod zzBuildOne(Id) as %Status
classmethod zzBuildProcess(jobid, jobseq) as %Status
classmethod zzCompress()
classmethod zzDeleteAllIdx()
classmethod zzDeleteCondition(Class As %Library.String, CatName As %Library.String, CondName As %Library.String)
classmethod zzFastRebuild(SortSize=256) as %Status
Rebuild ^SpeedI.Hi for the class. This method is only preserved for backwards compatibility - you can call Speed.MinerUtils.FastRebuild() directly
classmethod zzInitProc() as %Status
classmethod zzQBuildOne(Id) as %Status
classmethod zzSBuild(Id) as %Status
classmethod zzSBuildProcess(jobid, jobseq) as %Status
classmethod zzTime(Class, Cat, val, Col, chunk, offset, nullidx)
Split a time field into its various indices
classmethod zzTimeRanges(Class, Cat, val, Params, Col, chunk, offset)
Split a time field into its various ranges. Params: -to[name],from-to[name],from-to[name],from-to[name],...,from-[name] Each from/to must be valid time (accepted by $zth(x)) [ assumes non-overlapping, increasing ranges ]


trigger HyperDelete (AFTER event DELETE);
trigger HyperInsert (AFTER event INSERT);
trigger HyperUpdate (AFTER event UPDATE);