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serial class %BI.BPMKPI extends %Library.SerialObject

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Properties (Including Private)

property AcceptableVariance as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);
Property methods: AcceptableVarianceDisplayToLogical(), AcceptableVarianceGet(), AcceptableVarianceIsValid(), AcceptableVarianceLogicalToDisplay(), AcceptableVarianceLogicalToOdbc(), AcceptableVarianceNormalize(), AcceptableVarianceSet()
property KPI as %String (MAXLEN = 20, TRUNCATE = 1);
Property methods: KPIDisplayToLogical(), KPIGet(), KPIIsValid(), KPILogicalToDisplay(), KPILogicalToOdbc(), KPINameDisplayToLogical(), KPINameGet(), KPINameIsValid(), KPINameLogicalToDisplay(), KPINameLogicalToOdbc(), KPINameNormalize(), KPINormalize(), KPISet()
property KPIName as %String (TRUNCATE = 1) [ Calculated ];
Property methods: KPINameDisplayToLogical(), KPINameGet(), KPINameIsValid(), KPINameLogicalToDisplay(), KPINameLogicalToOdbc(), KPINameNormalize()
property Message as %String (MAXLEN = 2500, TRUNCATE = 1);
Property methods: MessageDisplayToLogical(), MessageGet(), MessageIsValid(), MessageLogicalToDisplay(), MessageLogicalToOdbc(), MessageNormalize(), MessageSet()
property Targets as %String (TRUNCATE = 1);
Property methods: TargetsDisplayToLogical(), TargetsGet(), TargetsIsValid(), TargetsLogicalToDisplay(), TargetsLogicalToOdbc(), TargetsNormalize(), TargetsSet()

Methods (Including Private)

method KPINameGet() as %String

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