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abstract class %BI.WebMain2

Method Inventory (Including Private)


classmethod CheckIfInMyFold(objId, MyFold)
classmethod FindId(daid)
classmethod LoadPivotTable(P0)
classmethod LoadPivotTableJS(P0)
classmethod LoadPivotTableJSCookTree(P0)
classmethod LoadPivotTableJSCookTree2(P0)
classmethod LoadPivotTableJSCookTree3(P0, isMFold)
classmethod LoadPivotTableJSCookTree4(P0, isMFold)
classmethod addFolders(parFolder, rClik, all, isMFold)
classmethod chkIfCanAccess(P0, P1, P2, P3)
classmethod delFolders(foldid, rClik, all, isMFold)
classmethod displayTitle(type)
classmethod dlrTR(str, dlm, rep)
classmethod genPivotTree(jobid)
classmethod getDLCount(tableid, oriCoor)
classmethod listRecent(objType)
classmethod loadQueryCom()
classmethod loadUpEverything(user, pivToo, all)
classmethod rearrangeFldr(fLi, hdList, cnt, iS)
classmethod renFolders(parid, foldid, foldname, rClik, all, isMFold)
classmethod retRolesPermsn(obj)
classmethod setpivToo(pivToo)
classmethod setpivToo2(pivToo)
classmethod testLa()