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class %DeepSee.Component.Widget.controlPanel extends %DeepSee.Component.Widget.widget

A specialized DeepSee Dashboard widget that displays controls without attached content. The widget does not require a dataSource to allow definition of controls. Some controls themselves require a dataSource to add information, for example the filter controls.

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property showTitleBar as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 1 ];
This widget can override the title bar display.
Property methods: showTitleBarDisplayToLogical(), showTitleBarGet(), showTitleBarIsValid(), showTitleBarLogicalToDisplay(), showTitleBarLogicalToOdbc(), showTitleBarLogicalToXSD(), showTitleBarNormalize(), showTitleBarSet(), showTitleBarXSDToLogical()
property showToolbarBottomBorder as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Specify whether to display the separator between the toolbar and widget content
Property methods: showToolbarBottomBorderDisplayToLogical(), showToolbarBottomBorderGet(), showToolbarBottomBorderIsValid(), showToolbarBottomBorderLogicalToDisplay(), showToolbarBottomBorderLogicalToOdbc(), showToolbarBottomBorderLogicalToXSD(), showToolbarBottomBorderNormalize(), showToolbarBottomBorderSet(), showToolbarBottomBorderXSDToLogical()


method %CreateController(pGroup As %ZEN.Component.abstractGroup, Output pController As %ZEN.Auxiliary.abstractController) as %Status
If this widget has a data source, create a data controller that will serve this data to the client.
The controller's id is "controller" (within the scope of this widget).
classmethod %GetCatalogInfo(Output pInfo As %List, Output pSubtypeList As %List) as %Status
Return information used to list this widget within the "widget catalog".
method %GetDataController() as %ZEN.Auxiliary.abstractController
If this widget contains a data controller, return it.
classmethod %GetWidgetPropertyInfo(pSubtype As %String, Output pInfo As %List) as %Status
Return information on additional "properties" supported by this widget for the given subtype.
method %OnAddToPageBefore() as %Status
Inherited description: If implemented, this callback method is called at page render-time when this component is added to a page but before any of its children have been created.
method %OnCreateControls(pGroup As as %Status
This callback is called just before controls are added to the top of the widget. pGroup is the header in which new Zen control can be added.
method %OnCreateWidget(pGroup As as %Status
This callback is responsible for creating the contents of the widget.
clientmethod adjustContentSize(load, width, height) [ Language = javascript ]
Called when page is loaded or widget is resized.
clientmethod applyFilter(name, value) [ Language = javascript ]
Apply the given filter to this widget.
clientmethod getDataController() [ Language = javascript ]
If this widget contains a data controller, return it. This allows for generic capabilities in this base class.
Inherited description: Select of item in navigator.

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