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class %DeepSee.Component.Widget.meter extends %DeepSee.Component.Widget.widget

A specialized DeepSee Dashboard widget that displays a visual meter (such as a speedometer). There may be multiple meters displayed within the widget, each corresponding to a dataProperty in the widget definition's dataProperty list.

Method Inventory


classmethod %GetCatalogInfo(Output pInfo As %List, Output pSubtypeList As %List) as %Status
Return information used to list this widget within the "widget catalog".
method %GetDataController() as %ZEN.Auxiliary.abstractController
If this widget contains a data controller, return it.
classmethod %GetWidgetPropertyInfo(pSubtype As %String, Output pInfo As %List) as %Status
Return information on additional "properties" supported by this widget for the given subtype.
method %OnCreateControls(pGroup As as %Status
This callback is called just before controls are added to the top of the widget. pGroup is the header in which new Zen control can be added.
method %OnCreateWidget(pGroup As as %Status
This callback is responsible for creating the contents of the widget.
clientmethod adjustContentSize(load, width, height) [ Language = javascript ]
Called when page is loaded or widget is resized.
clientmethod exportPDF(printMultiple, preserveTempFiles) [ Language = javascript ]
PDF export for SVG using the svgImageProvider
clientmethod getDataController() [ Language = javascript ]
If this widget contains a data controller, return it. This allows for generic capabilities in this base class.
clientmethod getMeter(n) [ Language = javascript ]
Return the given meter object within this widget.
clientmethod getMeterCount() [ Language = javascript ]
Return the number of meters displayed within this widget.
clientmethod getOverrides() [ Language = javascript ]
Return an array of current style overrides for this widget. Used to save to a theme.
clientmethod hasOverrides() [ Language = javascript ]
Test if there are any style overrides for this widget.
Click on close button in navigator.
Change of data value in navigator.
Click on header button in navigator.
Select of item in navigator.
clientmethod newDataProperty() [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod resetOverrides(themeOnly As %Library.String, recreate As %Library.String) [ Language = javascript ]
Reset any style overrides for this widget.
clientmethod setMeterType(svg, meter, type) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the type of the given meter.

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