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deprecated class %ZEN.Component.contextMenu extends


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parameter INCLUDEFILES = zenCSLM.js,zenMenus.js;
Inherited description: CSV list of additional include files (either .js or .css) that should be included when this component is used on a page.
By default, the file extension (.js or .css) is used to determine whether an item in the list is a script include or a style include. You can override this behavior by adding the terms "script:" or "style:" to the beginning of the file name or names. This prefix is not used as part of the include filename.


method %DrawHTML()
Inherited description: Static HTML display method: draw the BODY of this component as HTML.
Subclasses implement this in order to render the static HTML contents of a component.
clientmethod onRefreshContents() [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod onloadHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when the page is loaded.
clientmethod reinitChildren(menuDiv) [ Language = javascript ]
Reinitialize a csMenuItem child of this menu that has been refreshed from the server. This needs to be done here (as opposed to in the csMenuItem's own update hander because update event propagate DOWN the DOM tree and contextMenu needs its children to be refreshed first, before it can update itself.
clientmethod reinstall(pGroup) [ Language = javascript ]
Reconnect a previously uninstalled context menu to a new parent context, enabling its ties to local event handling. The parameter passed must be a decendant of to ensure proper handling.
clientmethod setProperty(property, value, value2) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the value of a named property.
clientmethod uninstall() [ Language = javascript ]
Remove this context menu from its parent context, severing its ties to local event handling. Note that this call does not remove the base logical menu structure from the client-side DOM (allowing it to be reinstalled at a later time)

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