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deprecated class %ZEN.Component.cssGroup extends

A group designed to have its children positioned using CSS techniques rather than via HTML elements. By default this group uses a positioning of 'relative' with top and left offsets of 0 and 0 - meaning 'put this group whereever it would land on the page, but establish a new origin for positioning any child of this group with a position of 'absolute' (where the top and left style properties indicate the desired location of the child).
NOTE: Absolutely positioned elements are excempt from real estate calculations (according to CSS standards) therefore explicitly setting the size of the containing group is recommended to avoid accidental over-printing when mixing CSS and table-based page layouts.


Subclasses can set this to change default css class for a group.
parameter DEFAULTLAYOUT = none;
This is what differences a cssGroup from a vgroup or hgroup With a layout of 'none' the system will generate an HTML DIV element rather than a TABLE structure for managine layout

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